LetsScale consulting services

Operations Transformation

Operations Transformation

Transformations that unlock the full potential of operations, sustained by building institutional capabilities and adding agility.

Supply chain optimization

Supply chain optimization

We guide clients through the design and implementation of operational strategies that will stand the test of time while creating agility and ensuring they are operationally optimized.

Logistics & Supply Chain analysis

Logistics & Supply Chain analysis

By analyzing the data to give you visibility into these trade-offs, you can be empowered to understand exactly how your supply chain’s cost and service level metrics will respond to changes. This gives you the information you need to make key supply chain decisions with data-backed confidence.

6 Key Benefits of Supply Chain Analytics

Supply chain analytics can help in determining the unknown and known risks. Also, it can guide in forecasting future risks by identifying patterns and trends across the supply chain. Risk management across the supply chain is very important to realize the net business growth.

  • Reduced Inventory Costs Through Smarter Demand Sensing
  • Optimization of Production Plans
  • More Responsive Transport Logistics
  • Cross-functional Collaboration
  • New S&OE Workflows
  • Harness predictive and prescriptive analytics


We provide management consulting services for process improvements in Operations, Supply chain, and Logistics. At LetsScale, our purpose is simple – we support the driver in the organization, the COO. Our clients want a more agile consulting business model “closer to SEAL Team Six”. We get in and get it done with our best resources, talent, tools, and insights.

Management Consulting

  • Management Consulting

  • Business Process Analysis

  • Process Improvement

  • supply Chain Optimization

  • Logistics & Supply Chain Analysis

  • Business Growth Strategy Expert with experience in Scaling

  • Operations and Organizational Culture Alignment


  • We support both strategy development and implementation with our clients

  • High impact short term 6-12-month transformation engagements

  • We provide remote area expert consultants or Consulting teams to support our client

  • Customized services allow clients to spend budget dollars on services they need

  • As a smaller firm, lower operating costs allow for more competitive pricing without sacrificing quality

  • Business Growth Strategy Expert with experience in Scaling

  • Operations and Organizational Culture Alignment

Past Projects

  • Amazon: Loss Product Cost Reduction, resulting in savings of $261K annually

  • Wandr: Improved quality with designers and dedicated project management, saving $100K annually

  • Wells Fargo Bank: Streamlined Bond Administration Department and optimized wire transfer process for more efficient and automated operations to minimize errors and reduce costs